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RANKED: Public Art in Downtown Saskatoon

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Celebrated for its scenic river valley, beautiful Meewasin trails, wealth of excellent restaurants, constant construction, and rambunctious panhandlers, the downtown core is undoubtedly the semiprecious stone in Saskatoon’s not-yet-sold-off crown. In recent years, downtown has become a prominent site for a surprising amount permanent and non-permanent public art, which here will be unsystematically ranked.  Note: Titles of art pieces will be provided for those which were not obviously displayed or we just simply didn’t notice. Note 2: Saskatoon’s downtown has a major imbalance in its male/female statue ratios. Hopefully this is noted in any of the city’s future art installation plans.


artists: Jyhling Lee + Paul Koopman

This piece was commissioned by the City to be “a natural draw and an interesting feature that could be a focus for this area.” The winning proposal were these big, rigid, white telephone poles that are supposed to emulate “the experience of watching a field of tall grass swaying in the wind.”  If this looks like grass swaying in the wind, then my garage door opening looks like the blooming of a lily.

The Five Guiding Principles to Public Washroom Excellence

The most important thing you’ll do on any given day is visit the washroom. Relieving oneself surpasses whatever importance we may assign to the various responsibilities that consume us between trips to the toilet. Of the fundamental human needs, none is greater: a healthy adult, in temperate conditions, may go up to ten days without water, up to three weeks without food, and in the absence of a Steinbeck novel or subscription to TED Talks, up to a week without sleeping. But go nine hours, ten tops, without relieving oneself and you’re as good as dead. And what’s worse, you’ll